Mercy Ships in the sea with Besco

For 40 years, Mercy Ships hospital ships have been bringing medical aid to the poorest countries. The newest and largest ship, the 'Global Mercy', will dock in Antwerp on 12th September. “We help with the optimal design and implement SteMaTo™, our innovative track & trace system for medical instruments. Next year we will do the same for a second ship”, directors Bert Lantin and Jos Bessemans proudly state.

After an intense, worldwide selection procedure, SteMaTo™ (short for Sterilization Management Tool) from Besco 20210908 persberichtBesco foto2emerged as the best solution. “The ability to link our software with other data has proven to be an important asset. In addition, the experts were impressed by the way Besco provides permanent support in international ports. The open-ended contract is a sign of great confidence," says Jos Bessemans. “Finally, we are also required in to optimize the layout of the sterilization department and operating theatres on board”.

More security, manageable costs

The Global Mercy is 174 meters long, 30 meters wide and includes 6 operating rooms, 200 beds, a laboratory and an eye and dental clinic. The total area is 7,000 m². “In a floating hospital it is even more crucial for sterile working and to maintain a good overview of medical instruments and equipment. Especially when you know that a volunteer team of approximately 600 doctors and nurses perform up to 4,000 operations annually. SteMaTo™ increases the safety of patients and helps the medical team function efficiently with limited financial resources,” says Bert. Lantin

To South Africa

Besco is already active today in several countries. It concluded a deal with Mercy Ships to equip 2 ships with SteMaTo™. “In the future we will also help the Africa Mercy by implementing our award winning software and services onboard. Did you know that 5 billion people lack access to safe and affordable surgery? And that 80% of them live less than 150 km from a port city? That's why a ship is the best way to reach these people. Our contribution to this is entirely in keeping with our philosophy. The entire Besco team is therefore quite proud of this assignment”, Bert & Jos conclude.

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