20 years of Besco, a look at the past and a glimpse into the future

March 12, 2002 ... On this day Besco saw the light of day. After a career of 20 years in the medical sector, with Johnson & Johnson as a great experience, Jos Bessemans decided to start his own company. Besco, short for Bessemans and Consulting, was born. Today, 20 years later, it has become a reference in the healthcare sector.

"In addition to consultancy assignments, we developed a complete, up-to-date nomenclature database in the first year of our existence. Under the name eCoNoDat® (short for Electronic Complete Nomenclature Database), a structured collection of all health insurance dispensations was developed," Jos recalls.

And that turned out to be a big hit. After one year, 15 Flemish hospitals were already using eCoNoDat. Two years later, Besco was also active in Wallonia and had the largest mutual health organization among its customers. Today, every Belgian hospital, the Knowledge Centre, every large health insurance fund and the most important insurance institutions use the unique Besco software.

No missed updates

"As the reference for the health sector, we are proud of the fact that, despite sometimes very late publication by the government, Besco has never in 20 years been 1 late in any of the more than 250 annual updates," says Jos.

Innovation is also part of Besco's DNA. "Under the name Besco Portal, we bundled all our solutions for hospital administration and became an indispensable source of information for numerous services," says Bert Lantin.

"A gradual expansion of the workforce resulted in 2009 in the addition of the medicine database eCoFaDat® and later the addition of implants (eCoMaDat®), and care providers (eCoNoDat®_Care) ensured that the Besco Portal grew as a collective name to become the reference in Belgium."

"As a matter of fact, Besco is not just a supplier of software and databases. We evolved into a company where consultancy, guidance and support for the entire healthcare sector has become our core business," Bert adds.

Focus on sterilization

In 2007, Besco broadened its scope. "As an extension of the analyses in many hospitals where we guided the optimization of the operation of the CSSD, we developed SteMaTo. Originating from the 'process control' in large industrial companies, we translated this methodology to our Sterilization Management Tool as a software that supports the organization of the CSSD and related processes in all its facets. This unique combination of technology and knowledge is the basis for our worldwide activity", Jos explains.

SteMaTo Implants builds on this and is one of the latest innovative developments of Besco. A unique system to track and manage medical devices and implants, based on a permanently updated database of over 4 million products. "The result? From day 1, paperless work in all departments where implants and medical devices are used without the need to apply additional stickers. A stark contrast to the current totally outdated working methods in hospitals, resulting in an enormous gain of time and a reduction in human errors," says Jos.


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